Rumi fled violence in Afghanistan at a young age and travelled to Konya, in what is now Turkey. Both countries are currently mostly in the news for political tensions and war. But The Rumi Remedy did not set out to find war stories. This project documents how young people actually live with the old poet, whether they struggle with fear, love or loss.

The poetry of Rumi is read and loved around the world. Rumi is the most-read poet in the United States and fits, with reoccurring topics of (self-)love and freedom, in Europe in a time of growing interest for mindfulness and spirituality. In Rumi’s ‘homelands’ Afghanistan, Iran and Turkey, the mystic poet has been popular for centuries as a liberal religious source and interpreted by every generation with different eyes.  This makes Rumi one of the rare things that yogi’s in Amsterdam, Muslims in Turkey and hipster youth in Kabul share with each other.

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The Rumi Remedy is an idea and production of Lotte van Elp and made in collaboration with Lighthouse Reports. Bashar Zein, Professor Fine Arts from Aleppo and currently residing in Europe, made the illustrations.