Young, engaged and with high hopes to change their society. This project centers around three Iranian teenagers, whose community involvement is undeniable.


Iran has an Afghan minority of about one million. On top of them, an estimated 1.5 million Afghans live in Iran without official status. Most of these people fled Afghanistan after the civil war in the seventies. One of them is Ali, who is working to break the silence surrounding the discrimination of Afghans living in Iran. 

Another group of teenagers are campaigning to fill the empty bookshelves in their primary school. They organise gaming-sessions and streetdance shows to collect money. The money is used to buy books and fill the empty shelves again. 


This interactive story uses game dynamics and 360-degree photography to give you an inside perspective on the Iranian society through the eyes of young and optimistic teenagers.



Storytelling helpt jonge Iraniërs ondernemen

Young and engaged in Iran
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Lighthouse Reports / Ludo Hekman

Lighthouse Reports / Ludo Hekman
Mindoc film productions / Mina Keshavarz

Photography and graphics
Amin Behroozadeh
McKlin / Victor van der Griend
Hedy Tjin
Nimkat Media / Katayoon Forouhesh

Audio and voiceovers
Desmet studios / Bente Hamel
Farid Sheek
Fawad Massiha
Sara Amini
Maryam Davari
Beenish Tufail
Parandis Ansari
Marije Schuurman Hess

Development and design
XNY / Michiel van der Ros
Daan Heuvingh

Financial partner
Education for youth (E4Y)