In the heart of the war-torn Sudanese region of Darfur, tens of thousands of people are trying to survive. They're hiding in caves high up in the mountainous area called Jebel Marra. Fleeing from bombardments of their own government and surrounded by government militias.




It has been years since journalists made it to this last rebel controlled area in Darfur. Journalist Klaas van Dijken and photographer Adriane Ohanesian managed in 2015 to visit the forgotten mountains. They interviewed the victims of a brutal military campaign, including children and pregnant women who were raped by Sudanese government soldiers. The reports were published worldwide and led to further investigations by human rights organisations, the United Nations and the International Criminal Court. Both Klaas van Dijken and Adriane Ohanesian were nominated for and won several awards, including a World Press Photo award and The Tile (de Tegel). 





Text: Klaas van Dijken

Photography: Adriane Ohanesian

Video: Adriane Ohanesian, Klaas van Dijken


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