Who is entitled to asylum status in the Netherlands? Who will be welcomed as a refugee and who will be rejected? The outcome of these questions is highly politicized, but the process through which it is reached is poorly understood by the public.


As a society, how do we decide who stays and who does not? What would Dutch people learn about it if we put them in charge of making a decision like this? These were the questions we had in mind when we decided to bring this decisive conversation to life in the form of an interactive documentary for smartphones called The Detailed Interview



New means of storytelling are called for because of tensions surrounding the topic in Holland. People tend to see asylum seekers as either freeloaders or victims. In order to make people aware of the complexity of accepting or rejecting someone, we decided to make an interactive documentary – a documentary that enables them to experience the tension between a human story and the policy rules. More background on the concept? Check out this story at News Deeply. 




Een kijkje in het hart van de asielprocedure
Trouw (dutch)

Minder kans analfabete asielzoeker
Trouw (dutch)

Dutch app lets users decide refugees' fate

Dutch app lets you interview asylum seekers

Smartphone app lets users decide fate of Netherlands refugees

Dader of slachtoffer in een vuile oorlog

Zou jij Rifat (21) asiel geven?



Lighthouse Reports / Ludo Hekman
Alka Goos

Director and concept
Lighthouse Reports / Ludo Hekman

Director play
Monique van der Werf

Ihab Bakir
Abdelkarim el Baz
Barbara Willemsen
Voice-over: Erik van der Horst

edit: Adriaan de Koning
voice over: Erik van der Horst

Camera and edit
Adriaan de Koning

Development and design
XNY / Michiel van der Ros
Sugarfree / Jannes Glas
Daan Heuvingh

Financial partners
Art of impact

Special thanks to: 
Speech Republic
Refugee Hackaton
Alka Goos