Zainab and Nelofar want to be Afghanistan's first female ultrarunners. A challenge that is challenging in many ways. Physical as well as cultural. They know it will be hard, but they decide it is their way to help the Afghan women: by setting an example. 


Following the brave women makes you a witness of their journey. The trainings, the harrassment, the precautions they must take to remain safe - and finally the ultramarathon in the Gobi desert of China.

The Gobi March's challenges include the changes in temperature - from the hot highlands to the stifling cold in the sand dunes - the open sun, potential sandstorms and a variety of terrain: soft sand-dunes, rocky tracks, steep hills, ridges and riverbeds.

The story is set against a backdrop of a conservative society and regular violence against women. 



Female Superheroes is a series of interactive documentaries that centres around women who fight for women’s rights in challenging countries. An acitvist sexworker in Mozambique, a street artist in Cairo, a political activist in Birma and a survivalcoach in South Sudan.

The interactive documentary is a unique combination of 360-degrees photography, interactive videos, game dynamics, dialogues, dilemmas and comics.




Afghaanse vrouwen lopen Marathon als protest

De ultramarathon rennen voor een betere toekomst

Bergen kunnen verzetten

Stap in het leven van twee stoere vrouwen

Afghaanse vrouwen lopen ultramarathon
Radio 1


Concept, story, production
Lighthouse Reports / Ludo Hekman, Klaas van Dijken,

Film and photography
Adriane Ohanesian (Mozambique) 
Joel van Houdt (Afghanistan)

Cartoon and design

XNY / Michiel van der Ros
Daan Heuvingh

Financial partner
GROW fonds (oxfamnovib)

Special thanks to:
Kubra Jafari, Buzurgmeher Haidari, Stephanie Case, Sophia Pinho