Baghdad, the capital of a country torn apart by internal conflicts and proxy wars. In an attempt to foresee the near future, we connected to a special bunch of bikers. This is what we found.


These bikers actually help you believe that this completely divided society can find a way forward. The members are part of different militia, have various backgrounds (as shia, Sunni and Christian) and yet, they live together like a family. They collect toys for orphanages, donate their blood once a month to support hospitals and bring food to the poor and elderly. It's a small and hopeful society on its own.Although the rifts in society are deep and often exploited by politics and militia, we've found that:

1) apparent hostilities can be overcome in small communities;
2) distrust can be conquered;
3) the future depends on the young men of Iraq;
4) Iraqi people are more optimistic then the foreigners involved;
5) who goes out on a limb, should be able to defend himself.

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