The Surveillance newsroom is a collaborative space that brings resources and expertise together to enable European media to interrogate the rise of the surveillance tech industry. It tackles the complexity of emerging technologies, their adoption by state and supranational actors and questions the push to render people as data. Too much reporting in this space has cast this technology in a dystopic near future, the newsroom is focused on present-tense journalism that illuminates this datafication and its implications for human rights. Significant public money has already been sunk into mass surveillance tools that potentially violate human rights, from predictive policing algorithms to facial recognition, to data extraction from personal devices. More effective scrutiny is overdue. The newsroom combines a core team with experience reporting on the companies and technologies with a data team that can unpack some of the questionable math and modeling.

EU Spy Tech Serves Myanmar Junta

While the military coup and deadly crackdown in Myanmar has drawn European condemnation, EU funds and technology have secretly aided the junta in spying on its own population


What is Palantir Doing in Europe?

The controversial US tech company is putting down roots in the EU’s security, public health and aviation sectors as well as its data infrastructure, raising questions