The food systems newsroom develops investigations into the major players, crucial dynamics and important trends shaping our farms, lives and environment. While climate concerns are driving a growing public awareness of the unsustainability of intensive agriculture they are also indicative of the problem that is holding back more persuasive coverage of food systems. Research organisations approach the topic from the worlds of animal welfare; the environmental lobby; public health; migrant and workers rights; and anti-corruption watchdogs. Much of agricultural research is driven by a decades-old quest to eliminate hunger rather than consideration of the environment, nutrition or a diverse diet. This newsroom works to cut across these silos and unpack real-world harms in ways that are relatable to the public and inform a critical public debate on the future of our food environments. The newsroom moves past the focus on individual and consumer responsibility towards systemic change, supporting fact-based decision-making, the deconstruction of false narratives and the creation of accountability for commercial actors. The newsroom combines a core team with experience reporting on food systems with money trails and open source investigators.