What is Palantir Doing in Europe?

The controversial US tech company is putting down roots in the EU’s security, public health and aviation sectors as well as its data infrastructure, raising questions



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Lighthouse Investigators Testify at European Parliament

Lighthouse Reports gave evidence to European Parliament hearings on May 10 scrutinising the role of the European border agency Frontex in illegal pushbacks in the Aegean. Lighthouse director Klaas van Dijken described a system designed to “prevent asylum seekers reaching Europe” and documented the complicity of Frontex in these operations. A months-long investigation with Der […]


Lighthouse Sessions: Call for emerging journalists

With the Lighthouse Sessions, we offer the chance to emerging talent to develop these skills and gain exposure to collaborative journalism by working with us on impactful, real-world stories. Lighthouse Reports  builds newsrooms around topics. These newsrooms are not attached to a single media platform or publisher. They exist to help working journalists tackle the […]


Investigating Frontex

For the first time in its 15-year history the European Union’s coastal and border agency has been the subject of a wave of critical press coverage. Frontex is under investigation from the European Parliament to the anti-fraud agency, OLAF. Its leadership faces calls to resign over a rap sheet stretching from violating human rights and […]